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Brand KING'S FIELD existed since 2010, but has been a family of generations benefit from over 25 years of experience in personnel and technology. Service sew outfitters for men and women. Nearly 90% of our production is export production. The main markets are Western European countries - Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, and the USA. Years of experience export company guarantee comprehensive customer service. We have our own specialist transport to carry clothing over any distance. In trade and manufacturing, we use English and German. Our prices are very attractive.

Made to measure
Don't waist your time - we arrive to you
Made to Measure suit from 399€

Refined elegance and comfort guarantees a perfectly tailored and adapted to suit silhouette and the use of high-quality fabrics. We adapt to the individual needs. We create unique clothing and unique.


Time is much more than money! Any money you can make up the time if someone will give us? Caring for the comfort and satisfaction of our client launched a service called "Home service". We arrive to the customer office, home or in a designated place, saving him something more than money ... save time.

Our customers are unique and we love to satisfy their needs. Now they have a unique service in Poland tailoring combined with image consultancy it within a place. The service "Home service & image" - so much value in the best price on the market.

You have questions? Contact us! +48 22 270 42 88

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corporate clothing and uniforms:
Create your perfect image

The service style of coaching is a process aimed at a lasting improvement in the image. It is available for everyone, because it facilitates interpersonal contacts, expands knowledge and facilitates the daily matching styling. This applies not only advice on behavior and choice of clothing, but all the elements associated with the appearance, such as hairstyle, cosmetics, body language, and even dentistry that can be introduced in the process of transformation.

We work with the best stylists in the biggest cities in Poland.